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The Federation of Associations of Building Contractors Cyprus (O.S.E.O.K.) was incorporated on February 25, 1995. It is the contractors' representative to the Cypriot manufacturing industry which works to promote and defend the interests of members belonging to the Associations.
The Federations’ goal is to create a business environment with healthy competition and solidarity the same time, to enable and ensure the right business contractors to create profitable business, practicing a decent job and whose contribution to the state economy and Society is duly recognized.
The Federations’ vision is one of vaccination and the creation of a new culture that will create the new Cypriot organized professional contractor of United Europe, which will have as principles and objectives the high quality of projects, compliance with legislation and collective agreements, creating a work environment with health and safety conditions for workers, continuous education, information and habilitation of workers around the industry, not only continuous formation of  professional development and social awareness, the acquisition of dynamic social identity of the Cypriots organized professional contractor and finally the emergence of the Federation as one of the strongest trade union organizations of the place.


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